Indian Tribal Art : Gond

The word “Gond” comes from the Dravidian expression kond, meaning “the green mountain.” The work of Gond artists is rooted in their folk tales and culture, and thus story-telling is a strong element of every painting.


Painting in the region has been happening for a really long time as the history of the Gond people dates nearly 1400 years previously, however, the Gond people could just be imitating their ancestors as there are cave paintings in the region that go all the way back to the Mesolithic Period.

Technique and Style

Gond paintings can best be described as ‘on line work’. The artist makes sure to draw the inner as well as outer lines with as much care as possible so that the perfection of the lines has an immediate effect on the viewer. Lines are used in such a way that it conveys a sense of movement to the still images. Dots and dashes are added to impart a greater sense of movement and increase the amount of detail.

  • It is said that Gond paintings resemble aboriginal art from Australia.

Another very striking facet of Gond paintings has to be the use of bright vivid colours such as white, red, blue and yellow. The paints are usually derived naturally from objects such as charcoal, colored soil, plant sap, leaves and even cow dung. More specifically, yellow from mitti (soil) which is a type of local sand, brown from Gheru mitti which is another type of sand, green is readily procured from leaves while the color red is obtained from the Hibiscus flower.

Here i am sharing step of My Gond art work u can easily learn Gond technique by following these given steps..

Step 1: Draw or trace the desired design on a drawing paper.


Step 2: Make outline with black marker or sketch (i have used black gel pen u can choose pen of your choice)

gond art 1


Step 3: Slowly make patterns with the help of marker or gel pen .




Step 4: Fill the design with patterns of your choice as i have used curves and small lines.


Step 5: fill the colors . I have used color pencils you can choose crayons or water color .

NOTE : If you are using water color then first fill the colors and let it get dry then only make patterns on it by using sketch or gel pen.


Please feel free to copy or trace my design to make your own Gond art..Happy drawing.

Stay tuned for more Art forms….!!

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