The Patterns : Mandala Art

Here I am back after a week gap with my new Indian art tutorial which is known as  Mandala Art .

what is Mandala ?

Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for “circle”
and is a form of art stemming from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Originating of Mandala Art

Mandalas were created in the service of one of the world’s great religions, Buddhism. They were produced in Tibet, India, Nepal, China, Japan, Bhutan, and Indonesia and date from the 4th century to present. Now they are created throughout the world,
including New York City.

Purpose for creating Mandala?

Constructing a sand mandala. According to Buddhist scripture, mandalas constructed from sand transmit positive energies to the environment and to the people who view them. They are believed to effect purification and healing.

Destroying Mandala ?

When the mandala is finally finished, however long it takes for the monks to deal in this divine geometry of the heavens, they pray over it –
and then they destroy it. …

 The underlying message of the mandala ceremony
is that nothing is permanent.

Here i am sharing easy steps to draw Mandala..

IMG_20180719_112625873_HDR                    IMG_20180719_112649024_HDR

Mandala art is all about patterns. Below i am sharing Mandala Circle. First i draw multiple circles with the help of Compass.

For filling the patterns i have used black gel pen .



And here i finished it …..


In a same way we can make colorful Mandala as well. So here we go


Stay tuned for more art works…!!! Happy Drawing 🙂





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