IKEBANA : Art of living Flowers

Today I got opportunity to learn a Japanese art Ikebana ..it was a great experience to learn this art .so many of not aware of this Art Ikebana so let’s have a short introduction about the same..

Ikebana, which stands for “living flowers”, is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which dates back to as early as the 6th century. It is regarded not only as an art, but also as a contemplative, meditative activity.

The development of ikebana is largely credited to Buddhists because, while plants in Shinto tradition were believed to be dwellings for nature spirits and/or used to welcome spirits or deities, Buddhist priests taught people how to elegantly and meaningfully arrange flower offerings for altars. It became more of a secular activity in the 15th century, when its popularity spread to the nobility.



Ikebana can be practiced by both amateurs and professionals, both of whom are able to achieve elegant results. However, like many other art forms, mastering the basics is fundamental to any practice, and only then can a person begin to experiment.
I got lucky to click few pictures in OHARA School of IKEBANA..


Stay tuned…..!! Stay creative..!!

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