COVID-19 Lock down : Craft..

#Socialdistancing and fight with #coronavirus is really getting tough. #india is completely understand lock down and isolation boredom is making people crazy .

So I got idea of recycle craft with foam sheet and waste wine bottle. Sharing my craftbwith all of you.

Stay tuned…

Bird feeder

Hi everyone I am back after long with new recycle craft idea .I live to watch bird from my kitchen window and feeding them is like feeding my own soul.There is something about watching the birds fly to and fro that brings peace to our minds. And, of course, their melodies fill the air with a chorus of delightful birdsong. There can be disadvantages however, if you are keeping bird feeder it’s need to be clean often else it develops fungus and can make birds sick.

the bird feeders.Thing you need to make one..i have used foam sheets to decorate the feeder.

U can hang this feeder in you backyard or garden to attract birds.I hanged in my balcony.

U kept food on my terrace to attract birds. U can also keep food and water to satisfy these tiny souls.

Thank you

Stay tuned..

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