Bird feeder

Hi everyone I am back after long with new recycle craft idea .I live to watch bird from my kitchen window and feeding them is like feeding my own soul.There is something about watching the birds fly to and fro that brings peace to our minds. And, of course, their melodies fill the air with a chorus of delightful birdsong. There can be disadvantages however, if you are keeping bird feeder it’s need to be clean often else it develops fungus and can make birds sick.

the bird feeders.Thing you need to make one..i have used foam sheets to decorate the feeder.

U can hang this feeder in you backyard or garden to attract birds.I hanged in my balcony.

U kept food on my terrace to attract birds. U can also keep food and water to satisfy these tiny souls.

Thank you

Stay tuned..

Rock painting DIY

Hello everyone

I came again with a wonderful DIY

Hand painted rock coasters .I have painted Warli on rocks .

Warli always attract me because of its simplycity and monosyllabic nature.

All u need is Idea and passion to paint anything .

Required things..

  1. Stone peices
  2. Permanent markers or paints of your choice.
  3. Idea to paint .

I have used permanent marker if you want more colors u can use acrylic paints instead of permanent markers.

Stay tuned …stay creative.!!

Up cycling furniture waste

Hello everyone here I am with my new idea of up cycling the waste .
Up cycling is another word for recycling in which leftovers from making an item are used to make other useful byproducts that creates environmental value.
I have made acrylic paintings on waste ply boards..


creative products will help to save money and trees while protecting the environment from garbage. Up cycling trash requires creativity and ability to spot the diamond among stones that can help to create a piece of timeless jewelry.


Stay tuned for more art work..!!!

Best Out of Waste:DIY

Hello everyone today i am here with a wonderful idea to turn your trash into something new and useful. Do you know we can make numerous things by using them .

Making the best out of waste has been a part of human life since the early ages. It was the human creative mind that gave birth to this extraordinary idea of using unwanted material in a useful way.

DIY creative crafts are always cool so let yourself shine with this small project.

Step1: clean the bottle. I washed them with lukewarm water it makes easier to remove stickers as well.

Step 2: Its a time to show your creativity .Better to first draw something with a marker or sketch.

Step 3: Once your are done with your drawing its time to paint it .Get any of your favorite Acrylic paint and just got for it.

                          So next time do not throw your tequila bottle ..!!
below is one more decorative bottle ..For this i have used red Acrylic paint and paste few round mirrors which is adding indian handicraft look to this whisky bottle..

         Here is the decorative Signature ………..!!

Stay tuned for more art work..!!

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